Monday, September 22, 2008

Malaysia Boleh !

Semangat Malaysia Boleh started by Dr M. All Malaysian will say Boleh whatever they think they are good. Haha ! Anwar say 916 BOLEH ! 929 also BOLEH ! Macam-macam pun BOLEH !Pak Lah say 109 Tak Boleh, I will stay on. Najib say: BOLEH ! As long as you will hand over to me earlier. Even 1 day early also BOLEH !

Before 308, DAP, PKR and PAS tak BOLEH ! After 308 PAKATAN BOLEH, DAP BOLEH, PKR BOLEH, PAS also BOLEH. What about SAPP ? Bolehkah ???

MCA want CHANGE, Boleh ? UMNO want Change ? Tak BOLEH ?? Apa Boleh ?? Hindraf want freedom, Boleh ? MIC Boleh ? Gerakan bila BOLEH ? Sumua tak BOLEHlah, 308 all lost lah. Macam mana BOLEH ? OKT pun tak berani cakap.......................Boleh ! CSL boleh ? or Jimmy Chuah BOLEH ??? All tak boleh lah. Semangat Boleh- boleh tipu sendiri saja lah !

Lets Change for REAL BOLEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OTK Boleh ? OKC Boleh ? Harap-harap Boolehhhhhhhhhhhh lah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's a relax day for Ah June Zai !

Today is a relax day for Ah june Zai. No rushing to Putrajaya for meeting, no traffic jam. Just sit down, relax, have a coffee and write his blog.

Ah June Zai is a busy man. Every day runing here and there for meeting, discussions, functions etc. All these don't bring income to Ah June Zai. His income is from trading in the stock market and having some investment which bring him good income. ( actually just enough to survive, hahaha ! )

Ah June zai like to help those who are goodman, kind, smart and clean. His idol is Ong TK, who is a real man who have all the good critirials. Another one is Liow TL, who is well known as the good man in MCA. These 2 person are now make Minister by their hard works and ground support from their kawasan, eg: Pandan and Bentong.

Well, Ah June Zai did plan to study MBA or MSc Finance. But he always don't even have the time to stop and think about his own future, don't mention about study, haha ! All these because he is too concern about the community and the country as well. He like to help people in whatever possible way. Ah June Zai started his service central since 1999 when he was Town Coucillor. His central located in Bandar Sg Long opened by formal minister Ah Choy Ko. 9 years have gone, today Ah June Zai'a public Service Central is situated in Taman Kajang Indah of Jalan Wan Siew, Sg Chua, 43000 Kajang. he did handle hundreds of cases in this 9 years time. 70% completed, 25% directed to relevent authority and 5% unsolve due to unreasonable demand by the complainee.

Today, Ah June zai manage to read 4 Chinese papers and 1 English paper. Write a few articles in his blog and have hot coffee in Old Town Kopitiam Sg Chua. Send the kids to school. What's a relax and wonderfull day. Life is so good and nice !

Tomorrow will be a busy day, Ah June Zai better hurry, finish all the reading and writting. hahahaha ! This is life and reality.



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